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Financial Accountant - County Leitrim






Financial Accountant - County Leitrim. Job responsibility: Your core responsibility will be the management and direction of the finance activities within the plant, by ensuring the complete and accurate processing of financial data in accordance with internal procedures. In addition to the above you will be expected to play an integral part within the management team on site and have an active involvement in the management of the plant through interacting and advising others within the site's management team. Main accountabilities:  1 Your primary responsibility will be the preparation/review of weekly accounts, ensuring provision of timely accurate data. You will be expected to provide analysis of the accounts data and communication of any variances/trends arising from this information. You will be responsible for ensuring the site's actual physical stocks are reflected in the accounting information you provide. 2 You will be expected to prepare/review the lean key performance indicators, again ensuring provision of accurate and timely data. 3 You will be responsible for the preparation of weekly forecasts and comment on any changes in trading performance. 4 You will be responsible for the preparation and submission of monthly accounts within the deadlines laid down by Central Finance. 5 You will be responsible for investigating and explanation of variances against predefined standards in the following areas,  including but not restricted to: (a) Product yields. (b) Labour costs. (c) Plant utilisation. 6 You will be responsible for the preparation of annual budgets for the site. Budgets are prepared on a zero based approach. 7 You will be responsible for the preparation of ad hoc costing and scenario analysis. 8 You will be responsible for monitoring and policing the inter-company transfer prices used to price inputs into the site. 9 You will be responsible for ensuring the prices paid for externally sourced inputs are in keeping with the market price prevailing at the time. 10 You will be responsible for supervising and developing the finance team within the site. 11 You will ensure that you fully understand the site’s manufacturing processes. 12 You will support and provide direction to production supervisors in achieving the highest possible level of safety, quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. 13 Overview in conjunction with Production Management labour planning efficiencies to ensure the effective production targets are met while ensuring labour costs are kept to a minimum. 14 Promote positive employee relations through effective conflict management and issue resolution and conduct regular supervisors' meetings which include effective communication of organisational and policy changes. i.e. notice boards, electronic screening etc. 15 You will play a key role in driving continuous improvement and employee involvement in critical success areas by utilising lean manufacturing tools.

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